Radio & Television

Statewide TV/radio ads for 2 weeks on 51 TV stations, and 216 radio stations, multiple times a day (3 additional weeks sponsored by Security Health Plan, Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Molina Healthcare)

Number of ads played: 8,893

Radio: 7,666 ads on 162 stations

TV: 1,227 ads on 36 stations


Spanish Radio ads specific to public charge:

344: 30 second radio spots at La GranD, LaZ, Bustos Media 

161: 30 second spots at radio caliente

100: 60 second spots at La Movida

Total spots: 605


Three television advertisements recorded by Covering Wisconsin staff to speak to the various communities within the state of Wisconsin.



135 billboards in heavily traveled regions and those hard hit by unemployment, estimated to reach over 29 million impressions 


Metro Buses

51 Bus placards: Madison, Milwaukee, Janesville, Appleton, Oshkosh, La Crosse, and Green Bay


Social Media

Social media statistics October 26th - December 15th:


  • 10 Ads Boosted

  • Overall Post Reach: 327,977

  • Post Engagements: 91,208

  • 15+ Second Video Playthrus: 87,580

  • Link Clicks: 3,283


  • 45 Tweets

  • Tweet Impressions: 99,253

  • Profile Visits: 809

Milwaukee Specific:


  • Total posts: 63

  • Overall post reach: 876,213

  • Post engagements: 4,841

  • Link clicks: 8,432


"Give the gift of Health Insurance"

"Talking Turkey about Health Insurance"

"It's Spooky to go without Health Insurance"

"Time is Running Out"

"Old Man Elmer"

"Time is running out"


"One Week Left"

"Text 2-1-1 to find Health Insurance"


Enrollment Assistance

  • Total enrollment assisters FTE: 14.2

  • Counties served by enrollment assisters: 72 (Statewide)

  • Total agencies providing enrollment assistance: 10

  • Number of enrollments completed 2,164


2-1-1 Statewide Partnership

211 statewide partnership allowed for streamlined assister contact: 

  • Warm-transfers to assisters in consumer's local area

  • Opportunity for call-back by CWI navigators

  • Direct scheduling of appointments in Connector Tool



  • 20 community serving agencies working around the state to increase awareness of Open Enrollment and public benefits

  • Heightened attention to communities and populations including: rural, suburban, urban, FQHC patients, farmers, Black, Latinx, Hmong, and immigrant residents

  • Data-driven outreach to consumers who have applied to Medicaid/BadgerCare before, but have been denied

  • Created an outreach toolkit for Open Enrollment as well as Public Charge with 4 different media formats (also in Spanish) for partners around the state to personalize and share with their communities

Open Enrollment In-reach and Outreach:

Print material:

Mailers directly to consumers: 183,506

Flyers or outreach cards distributed: 17,453

Consumer materials mailed: 8,276

Mailers to businesses: 6,000

Magnets distributed: 500

Phone, Email or Text:

Consumer phone calls: 1,747

Consumer text messages: 25,612

Emails: 57,950

Education and Referrals:

Consumer education/referrals: 2,254

Outreach to other agencies: 191

Virtual event attendees: 331

Influencer collaborations: 19

Local Promotions:

17 Newspaper/Magazine ads (English and Spanish), reach: 10 cities & over 222,000 impressions

Articles in 2 Newsletters

Personalized radio ads at 7 different stations

70 social media posts: 87,744 impressions and 2,644 likes or shares

Sample Tool Kit: