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Learn more about health insurance through BadgerCare Plus.

BC+ New Rules

  • 4 new rules for BadgerCare Plus​

  • How much is the premium?

  • How much is the ER co-pay?

BC+ How to Start Using Health Care

  • ForwardHealth ID card

  • Choose your HMO & PCP

  • Schedule a yearly check-up

BC+ How to Make Appointments

  • Schedule an appointment

  • What to do before, during, and after your appointment

  • Common questions to ask

BC+ Rides, Gas Money and Tickets for Medical Appointments

  • Find a way to get to your appointment

  • Get money for gas mileage

  • Get bus tickets

BC+ Sick or Hurt

  • Get help if you are sick or hurt

  • See examples of an emergency

  • Write in important contacts

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BC+ Pregnant

  • Find health insurance when pregnant

  • See what to do after the baby is born

  • What to do as a pregnant immigrant

BC+ Family Planning

  • Help get supplies and services to prevent pregnancy

  • Get care related to family planning

  • Find what services are covered

BC+ Networks, Primary Care, & Specialists

  • What is a network?

  • What is a PCP?

  • How to find a specialist who is covered in your network

BC+ Signing Up

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