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Employer Coverage

Is my employer coverage affordable?
  • If you think it may not be:

    1. Contact your employer's human resource department

    2. Have them complete this form

    3. Ask a navigator about your Marketplace options



Do I qualify for Medicare?

BadgerCare Plus (Medicaid)

Do I qualify for BadgerCare Plus?
  • This program is for low-income individuals and families. Sign up at any time! Adults qualify at different levels from children or pregnant women, even in the same family. Check every family member! Sometimes only children or pregnant women will qualify and other adults will need a Marketplace plan.

  • BadgerCare Plus website (access.wi.gov)

  • How-To Sheets: Using BadgerCare Plus


The Health Insurance Marketplace

( also known as:  HealthCare.gov  |  The Affordable Care Act  |  "Obamacare" )

Can I sign up through The Marketplace?
  • Almost everyone can get a Marketplace plan, but financial help is based on income. Sign up November 1 - December 15. Missed the deadline? You may still be able to sign up with a special life event.

  • HealthCare.gov

  • How-To Sheets: The Marketplace

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